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Log cabin – B28

About this product

Log cabin B28 is a nice spacious log cabin with the possibility to divide several spaces in the log cabin. By placing inner walls, you can divide the log cabin into different parts. Think of a separate storage space, an extra office or maybe even a toilet. With dimensions of 7.50 metres by 3.50 metres, this is a spacious log cabin.

Did you know?

Adding a garden room or office to your garden increases the value of the property on average 5% – Not only are our Log Cabins beautiful to look at and great for all year use but they are and investment too!

Product details


Article number B28
Width 750 cm
Depth 350 cm
Surface 26,3m2
Volume 61,7m3
Wall thickness 44 mm
Height 235 cm
Height to fascia 207 cm
Door(s) MG02
Windows 4x PJ07
Roof type Flat roof
Roof overhang 23cm
Type of wood Spruce wood
System Log-cabin construction system

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